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  • When will my order deliver?
    Delivery estimates are displayed at the time that you place your order and are based on your chosen shipping method. Please note that these are estimates only and actual shipping times will be at the mercy of the shipping carrier. Our shop has no control over packages once they are collected by the carrier. Status updates about delivery may be obtained from the shipping provider directly using the tracking number that is provided once your order ships. Please contact us if your package is confirmed lost in the mail for us to file a claim with the carrier and either process a refund or replacement item for you.
  • Am I able to change the shipping address on my order?
    We understand that mistakes happen from time to time. Requests to change the address may be possible if the request is made before the order goes into production. After this time, we may not be able to make the change. Please note that we cannot issue cancellations or refunds because a buyer accidently put the wrong shipping address on a package.
  • My shipment is late with a carrier. Can I get a refund?
    We know that packages that do not arrive on time are a frustrating experience. This is the case for both the buyer and seller. However, package delays can and do happen, especially during heavy volume shipping seasons. When a package is delayed with USPS, we as the seller are required to wait 14 days after the expected delivery date before we can open a case with USPS. If this time has passed, please contact us to open a case. The outcome of the carrier investigation will then determine if a refund is issued. Packages that are lost in the mail will receive a full refund. Packages that are delayed or arriving late cannot be refunded until it is determined that your package is lost.
  • My item arrived damaged. What do I do now?
    We are sorry that your item has been damaged. We know how frustrating this can be, however we want to ensure that you are fully happy with your purchase. If your item arrives damaged, please contact us within 2 business day of receiving your item. Please include photos of both the damaged item and the packaging. We will process your damage and ship out a replacement within our normal processing time. If the replacement item will miss a special occasion or date, we will be happy to issue a refund for the damaged item.
  • Do you offer proofs?
    We know you are excited to see your item and we are excited to. However, unfortunately we are not able to provide proofs for any reason as this would greatly slow down our production. Please rest assured that your design will be exactly as it is on the design option that you choose. For items with additional personalization, every effort is made to ensure your design comes out just as requested.
  • I ordered this by mistake. Can I get a refund?
    We do understand that mistakes happen from time to time. However, when you place an order that product is removed from inventory and assigned to your order. For this reason, we do not offer refunds or cancellations once the order has been placed. Please make sure to check over your cart carefully before placing your order.
  • Do you offer any volume discounts?
    We work hard to ensure our products are competitively priced on. As a result, we are only able to consider volume discounts for orders over 50 pcs. Please reach out to us directly via chat, our contact us form or phone for assistance with a volume order.
  • May I add to my existing order? Can I cancel my order?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to alter existing orders in any way. We cannot add to thems and we cannot delete an item from an order. Depending on when the order was placed we may be able to cancel an order and allow you to place a corrected order. Please reach out to us via chat, phone or the contact us form for assistance with updating an existing order. Can I cancel my order? This depends. Cancellation requests that are received within 24 hours of placing the order are generally able to be cancelled if they have not gone into production. If, however, the order has already gone into production, then we are cannot cancel the order for any reason.
  • Can I personalize my item with a trademarked logo?
    To protect against trademark violations, we are only able to engrave logos or any other trademarked item once we have in writing on company letter head the permission of the owner of the trademark. This includes icons, logos and phrases.
  • Can I edit one of your existing designs?
    It depends. There are limits to the extent we will edit an existing design. Please reach out to us as this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If we do approve an edit, this will incur an additional personalization fee.
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