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Introducing our new QR Code Gifts, the latest way to take your gifts to a whole new level! Embeded QR codes can be tied to a pre recorder voice message, website, documents, videos and so much more!

Each gift with a code will include instructions for the recipient on how to scan the QR code.

Click HERE to for instructions on generating your Spotify code. 

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Ordering is Simple! 

  1. Select your gift item from the selection of available products below. 

  2. On the product page, select YES uner the option the include a QR Code. 

  3. Click the upload button to uplaod the media you would like to tie to the QR code. 

  4. Thats it! We will link the provided media to a unique QR code and engrave the code on your gift.

Gifts Available for QR Codes

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