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So let's be honest. We know our designs are absolutely fabulous! But sometimes, you need something a little more custom. Or maybe your personalization involves a logo or some other special design not found on our design option sheet. 


If this is you then please feel free to express your creative genius by requesting a custom design.  Please bear in mind that however talented our designers are we may not be able to bring a design to life or work with a provided image. If image clarity is an issue we will reach out to request an image with better quality to ensure the best result. Our preferred image formats are PDF, PNG, SVG and JPEG. 


Important: Copyright protected images, phrases and logos

If an image is protected by a trademark or copywritten, please know that as much as we want to fuel your creative genius, we will need permission from the copywright holder before proceeding with your customization. To be sure we highly recommend reaching out to our team in chat before placing an order to avoid any un-necessary challenges that may delay the processing of your order. 


Custom Design Fee

Excluding Sales Tax

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